Renal Registrar (NHS), Data Scientist, Clinical Researcher
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    Driven by curiosity and compassion, Dr. Shoaib Saadat has dedicated his career to improving lives through medicine, research, service, and innovation.

    Currently a Nephrologist and clinical researcher at the University of Cambridge, Dr. Shoaib earned his medical degree with top honors, including 10 gold medals, from Ayub Medical College in Pakistan. He received academic scholarships for his intellect and promise as a physician. With over 15 years of experience in General and Renal Medicine, his empathy and expertise deliver outstanding patient care.

    Beyond the clinic, Dr. Shoaib expands his impact as a data scientist, educator, and AI artist. He created a comprehensive data science course to share his interdisciplinary knowledge, empowering healthcare professionals worldwide. Dr. Shoaib also founded the nonprofit iHeal Pakistan to increase healthcare access to underserved communities.

    Dr. Shoaib has emerged as a leader in AI by leveraging text-to-image generation to create thought-provoking art that captivates a huge social media following. His AI art stands at the intersection of technology and creativity.

    Brilliant, multifaceted, and kind - Dr. Shoaib Saadat represents the future of medicine and AI at its best. His diverse work improves lives worldwide, making him a leader in nephrology, data science, education, and AI art. Guided by intellect and humanity, Dr. Shoaib's vision enriches global health through research, technology, creativity, and compassionate care.

  • 12+ Years Of Experience

    Has worked in the General and Renal Medicine fields

  • Defining Success

    He believes in the struggle (of the right kind).

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My Career

  • 2017-Now: Nephrologist & Clinical Researcher

    Dr. Shoaib is currently a Clinical Research Fellow at the prestigious University of Cambridge investigating multiple sclerosis. He previously worked as a Nephrology Registrar in the UK's National Health Service.

    Over the past several years, Dr. Shoaib has gained extensive clinical experience in Nephrology through registrar roles at multiple hospitals across the UK, including Queen Alexandra Hospital, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Lister Hospital, and Mid and South Essex Trust.

    In his current fellowship at Cambridge, Dr. Shoaib is focused on multiple sclerosis research and publishing findings. This clinical research fellowship represents his transition from patient care to full-time research of neurological diseases and honing his skills as a physician-scientist.

    Overall, Dr. Shoaib has rapidly progressed in his medical career from a house officer to a registrar and now a research fellow at one of the world's top universities. His clinical and research experiences highlight his dedication to nephrology, academic medicine, and improving patient outcomes through research.

  • 2016-2017: Fellow Nephrology (ST3&4)

    Worked as Fellow Nephrology (ST3), Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan. Performed Ward rounds, Clinics, Hospital Calls and Surgical Procedures in Nephrology. Acquired research and data science skills in R, python and clinical statistics. Published 7 research articles, gave several journal clubs, introduced machine learning in my center. Started more than 10 research projects on different clinical problems

  • 2014-2016: Resident Internal Medicine (CT1&2)

    Worked as Resident Internal Medicine (ST1&2), Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan. Performed Ward rounds, Clinics, Hospital Calls and Surgical Procedures in Medicine. Successfully completed the intermediate module (IMM – CPSP) examination for medicine

  • 2012-2014: House Officer (F1&2)

    Worked as House Officer (F1&2), Ayub Teaching Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan. – Performed ward rounds, clinical management, rotations in medicine, surgery, dermatology, pediatrics, ophthalmic surgery and clinical radiology.

Philanthropic Work

  • iHeal Pakistan

    He started this organization around 2010 with an aim to help the poor patients who cannot afford high cost medicines.

  • Health Care Visits

    I have been involved in multiple field visits to health care deprived regions in Pakistan.

  • Child Health

    iHeal Pakistan has also been able to organize several health camps for child health problems.

  • Healthcare Training

    We have also managed to organize several healthcare training workshops on basic life support.

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  • He is a DELL EMC Certified Data Scientist. Want free consultation?

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